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Hi Recipient Name, Your Name has sent you a special gift that represents building one metre of fox-proof fencing to protect native wildlife!

Your card comes with a heartfelt message from Your Name and an important purpose: protecting Australia's vulnerable wildlife:

This very special virtual gift from Your Name includes a donation of to help protect threatened wildlife – today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

This is a gift like no other. A metre of fox-proof fencing has just been generously donated in your name.

WWF-Australia is working to rewild and restore the charismatic eastern quoll to areas on Australia’s mainland where they once roamed for thousands of years. To help give these newly rewilded quolls a head start, they need a sanctuary where they will be protected from introduced predators.

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The gift you’re receiving also means you’re a part of a caring community of people who love wildlife and are passionate about defending it.

From all the eastern quolls you're helping, and everyone at WWF-Australia, thank you!

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Build one metre of fox-proof fence

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Give a gift that protects some of the world’s most vulnerable wildlife, and highlights WWF's work protecting the endangered eastern quoll. Enter the recipient's details and craft a personal message. You can choose to send their gift immediately after you checkout, or schedule it to be sent later.

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Eastern quolls were once part of the Australian landscape for millions of years.

But worryingly, over the last 20 years, populations have been rapidly declining, due to threats from agriculture, feral cats, climate change and people.

Your support not only helps struggling populations recover, but it helps landscapes to thrive again by restoring missing elements of ecosystems.

Every gift supports the work of WWF-Australia, and is directed to where the need is greatest. Your gift is making a positive impact towards achieving our shared mission to create a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

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Your support is vital to help protect australian wildlife

Your gift today can help protect and save our precious wildlife and the places they call home.

Right now we are at a critical moment. So many of our beloved animals and landscapes are facing an alarming and uncertain future. 

Animals like greater gliders, orangutans, koalas, tigers and quolls are in serious trouble and need your help.

HOW YOUR DONATION CAN HELP Australian wildlife

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Creating safe wildlife habitat corridors

Linking important koala populations by planting trees in key locations, so they can move safely between forested areas.